Partner Groups



B Media Collective is a community-based video art collective that uses documentary films, political remix videos, and skill-building workshops to catalyze collaborative work for social justice. Watch B Media’s latest films here.



The Portland Alliance is the longest running alternative newspaper in Portland, OR. Started as a newspaper by former Reed Students, it reachd peak circulation between Olympia, Seattle and Portland in the 1980’s. NAAME is the fiscal sponsor of the Portland Alliance, which is currently a blog maintained by longtime activist and editor Tim Flannagan. Read the latest edition of the Portland Alliance here.


The 2014 Cascade Media Convergence featured a series of workshops, strategy sessions, and public events aimed at bringing together alternative and community media makers to network, share knowledge and skills, and discuss ways to continue collaboration and build toward a regional media coalition. Learn more about the annual Cascade Media Convergence here.


The LLC smartMeme Studios provides story-based strategic communications, advertising, graphic design and media production services to green and socially responsible businesses and nonprofits, foundations. Our approach is grounded in a visual and narrative analysis of change- the recognition that we all understand the world and our role in it through the experience of stories, place and community.


RLM is an entertainment company that supports its artist and its community through positive music.


The Afrikan Hiphop Caravan is an annual project run by grassroots Hiphop Activist Networks spread across the continent and the Afrikan diaspora. Its vision is to build a strong and united Afrikan Hiphop Movement and its mission is to establish a cohesive network of Afrikan Hiphop Collectives with strong ties to like-minded organizations worldwide. Thus, key aims of the project are: 1) to build a sense of agency and self-empowerment among politically-concious, community-based Hiphop artists, who often due to challenging socio-economic realities and political repression feel marginalized and isolated; 2) to transcend borders to enable artists and activists to share their skills, resources and struggle experiences; 3) to create alternative platforms for dialogue between activists, artists, academics and working-class communities.