NAAME Media Track & Fundraiser @ Soil Not Oil Conference


Later this summer NAAME will be co-sponsoring and participating in the annual Soil Not Oil Conference in Richmond, California, August 5th & 6th 2016.
The Soil Not Oil organizers have been generous enough to donate 20 free conference registrations to NAAME for those willing to make a donation to our organization.

Your donation will let you attend Soil Not Oil, as well as fund the projects NAAME will be working on in the next year, which include the next CMC projected for Spring of 2017, and other projects that we will share more information about in the near future. Soil Not Oil is a renowned international gathering of activists and scholars interested in the environmental, climate change and food justice movements. At this year’s conference we will be heading up a grassroots media center during the conference where media makers will be able to network and collaborate with other activists working on these issues. Our hope is to do some regional bridge building between these two respective communities. Some of the ways people can participate are submitting a workshop proposal for a media related workshop, interviewing environmental activists at the conference about the work they do, or learning skills by attending these sessions.

Make your donation today (CLICK HERE) to reserve your spot at Soil Not Oil, email us your name and how much you would like to donate and we will get you registered immediately. Hope to see you in Richmond in August!
Please make checks payable to:
NW Alliance for Alternative Media and education
P.O. Box 42671
Portland, Oregon 97242