2015 CMC Schedule

PDF of the Final Schedule for CMC 2015


2015 Schedule Outline

Friday November 13th, 6-9 PM
 at Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, 7101 N Lombard

CMC Opening Reception and Movie Night
Featuring the Portland premier of Resistencia by Jesse Freeston.

Saturday November 14th 
at Portland State, Smith Memorial Union

10:00-12:00 1st workshop session (focused on hands-on skillshares)

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-4:30 Strategy Session Breakouts

6:00-8:00 Saturday Night Keynote, featuring Walidah Imarisha and adrienne marie brown discussing their new sci-fi anthology Octavia’s Brood.

9:30-1:00am CMC Saturday Concert: Unite the People Hip Hop Showcase @ 311 N Ivy (former Liberty Hall space)

Sunday November 15th
 at Portland State, Smith Memorial Union

10-11:30 2nd workshop session

11:45-1:15 3rd workshop session

1:15-2:00 Lunch (Charlie Hardy film screening during lunch)

2:00-3:30 4th workshop session

3:45-5:15 5th workshop session


Friday Night Opening Reception and Movie Night


CMC Opening Reception and Movie Night
Anarres Community Center, 7101 N Lombard

 Portland Premier of Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley with independent filmmaker Jesse Freeston

Come early to mingle with conference attendees and register for the CMC, stay late and discuss the Resistencia with the filmmaker.

Beginning with the historic moment of the Honduran coup of 2009, Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley follows three key members of the farmers’ resistance over four years as they attempt to implement participatory democracy in their new communities.


Saturday Morning Skillshares

Saturday morning’s skillshares will focus on sharing tangible skills between new and experienced media makers on the given topic, with a specific emphasis on including community organizers who want to learn new skills.


Citizen/Activist Journalism
Chris Fuzell and Todd Blaize- Portland Community Media
Portland Community Media has purchased some brand new iPad filmmaking kits that will make recording events and protests much simpler. We will also discus the technology of streaming video to the internet live from anywhere in the city.

What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hop?
Shamako Noble- Hip Hop Congress
This interactive workshop and public education campaign that raises awareness and explores the dangerous power corporations currently wield over the hip hop industry and society in general.

Radio Race
John Connolly and others from XRAY FM
The Radio Race is a program under development by XRAY FM to hold a series of friendly competitions to challenge new and experienced radio producers to use their powers for good, and see who can most quickly produce a radio piece highlighting the good work of local community groups and non-profits. This first session will cover the basic skills needed to produce a radio piece, writing for radio, voicing and recording.

Strategic Podcasting
Paul Riismandel- Radio Survivor
In this interactive workshop together we’ll tackle the real-world questions that all podcasters face, from show topics and formats, to hosting, promoting and building audiences. With a particular focus on podcasting as a tool for community building and social justice, new and experienced podcasters alike will come away with fresh strategies, ideas and inspiration.

[LUNCH BREAK] 12:00pm-1:00pm

Issue Based Strategy Sessions

The issue-based strategy session are facilitated forums that aim to bring together media activists and community groups to visualize collaborative approaches to using media as a tool for regional movement-building. There will be opportunity at the beginning for people to propose a breakout on a topic they are interested in discussing, (climate change, prison issues, etc.), or to join breakouts that are already under development.


Conference participants gather to determine what issues they are interested in working on, already formed breakouts will present what they will be discussing.


Smaller group breakouts to determine plans for action.


Reconvene larger group to share what was discussed in smaller groups, determine what next steps for action might be, and what commitments will be needed for follow up.

Confirmed breakouts so far include:

Regional Radio Breakout-
This session will further discussions that have been taking place over the last couple of years among Northwest community radio stations on how work in closer collaboration with each other. The goal of this breakout is to come up with practical ideas that can be done to help community radio in Cascadia better serve communities and work together in mutual aid, then empower people to begin doing them.

CMC Regional Planning Committee-
This session will seek to broaden the planning process for future CMCs, as well as discuss other potential programs or projects can be developed year round to build capacity and connections among grassroots media makers in the NW. Ideally we’d like to get participation and input for the planning process from at least 5-10 people representing different cities from around the region.

Saturday Evening Keynote


Keynote Presentation: Octavia’s Brood- Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements
Presented by Walidah Imarisha and adrienne maree brown
Smith Center 328

The co-editors/writers will present about their new anthology Octavia’s Brood in the context of the history of sci fi and social change, sharing tools for using science fiction as a practice ground for social justice strategizing and vision.

Saturday Night Concert


CMC Saturday Concert: Unite the People
at 311 N Ivy St (near Fremont & Vancouver)
Presented by RLM Entertainment

This show will feature some of the best politically conscious music from around the region, mostly Hip Hop but with some protest folk thrown in for good measure.

Performers include:

Rahman Jamaal- Bay Area emcee
Shamako Noble- MC/DJ Hip Hop Congress
Mic Crenshaw- Hip Hop activist/ emcee
George Mann- protest folk
David Rovics – protest folk
Talilo Marfil- Portland emcee
Quincy Davis- Portland emcee
Poesia- hip hop
Silas Blak- hip hop
Rhythm Bandits- break dancing
Taryn Wright- dance performance


Sunday Workshops


Sci Fi and Direct Action Training
adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha of Octavia’s Brood
Participants will use familiar stories of other worlds (such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Oz, Harry Potter, etc.) to design direct action campaigns that parallel the world we are fighting for in the here and now. By the end of the session, regimes will be toppled, evil forces vanquished and solid skills in direct action organizing developed.

Help Us Help You
Oregon Community Media
Ani Haines- KBOO Community Radio, Portland
Connie Saldana- KSKQ Radio, Ashland
Sue Matters- KWSO Radio, Warm Springs
Facilitated by Erin Yanke of KBOO
Your community radio station is always ready to help you promote and cosponsor events. Come learn what we need to be effective community partners to you, from press releases to on-air announcements, to live remote broadcasts.

Real Life Music
Talilo Marfi- RLM Entertainment
I will be showing those that attend the services rlm provides to the community. The presentation will explain how rlm uses music to help people.

Grassroots Filmmaking
Jeff Barehand & Russell Brooks- Olympia Film Collective
Co-founders Jeff Barehand and Russell Brooks of the Olympia Film Collective offer strategic solutions to forming a collective of filmmakers and building an art community around it. Items to be discussed are building community partnerships, fiscal sponsorship opportunities, positioning yourself for other media based opportunities.

Sunday, 11:45am-1:15pm

Respectful Revolution: Documenting Positive Action – Inspiring Change
Gerard Ungerman & Stacey Wear- Respectful Revolution
20,000 miles covered around the U.S. by motorcycle and 200 people interviewed on camera about their work at making the world a better place.  Sounds fun?  Come meet the instigators of the RESPECTFUL REVOLUTION project, see what they have already done, why and how they’re doing it, and what’s next all for the sake of “Documenting Positive Action & Inspiring Change”.

Digitally Inclusive Communities
Amy Honisett, Public Training Librarian, Multnomah County Libraries
Arturo Colorado-Munoz- Media Education Coordinator, Portland Community Media
Colleen Dixon- Director of Public Services, Free Geek
Drew Pizzolato- Digital Literacy Project Coordinator, Literacy, Language and Technology Research Group, Portland State
How do communities define and work toward digital inclusion? Panelists representing a variety of perspectives from the Digital Inclusion Network will provide insights from their unique contexts.

LPFM Roadshow
Betty J. McArdle Oregon Community Media / Community Media Assistance Project
Mike Brown, Brown Broadcast Services Inc
Mike Johnson,
Facilitated by Betty McArdle of Community Media Assistance Project
An opportunity to ask questions to LPFM experts! We’ll go over basics of getting started, equipment needs, coverage, support, and much much more.

Sylvia Richardson- Latin Waves Media
Resistance to injustice can be a joyful path of co-creation. In this workshop we play, dance, paint and practice self-care to visibilize a path.

[LUNCH BREAK] 1:15pm-2:00pm

Lunch time film screening of Run Charlie Run
Run Charlie Run covers Charlie Hardy’s run for the 2014 Wyoming Senate seat as a progressive Democrat, and the funny low budget adventures on the high moral road with a few completely average, slightly eccentric folks. This 15 minute preview of the upcoming feature length film is being shown by the former Campaign Manager Bruce Wilkinson, who will talk about some of the lessons he learned in how grassroots media plays a part in a political campaign, and how that political campaign can follow deeper the movements.

Sunday, 2:00pm-3:30pm

Reporting for the Real World
Arun Gupta- independent journalist
In this hands-on workshop, award-winning publisher, editor, and investigative reporter Arun Gupta gives a thorough introduction to the techniques and principles of reporting, information gathering, interviewing, and how to shape the news. Taking a scientific approach toward the best practices of journalism, Arun will offer invaluable tools for reporters and activists alike, especially how to engage with almost anyone, learn how to draw their real opinions, and tips on how to help shift their politics and attitudes toward a more radical perspective.

Espectro radioelectrico contra la espectro de la muerte
Rachael Townsend- Honduras Radio Project/PCASC
Presentation about past and present community radio projects in Honduras.

Story Based Strategy
James John Bell & J Cookson- SmartMeme Studios
Learn how environmental and social justice movements tell their stories in order to intervene and change existing dominant narratives in a process called story-based strategy.  Includes case studies from SmartMeme’s work with movements over the last decade presented in a dynamic interactive multi-media workshop format. Relevant for graphic designers, writers, online campaigners, grassroots organizers and activists.

Covering Movements in Motion: Grassroots Media Lessons from The Thin Green Line
Matt Fuller from KVWV Bellingham and others TBA
This workshop will focus on the Lummi Nation Totem Pole Journey and the media team that has accompanied them over the last several years as they have worked to rally frontline communities dealing with extractive fossil fuel projects. This workshop will include a panel discussion moderated by Matt Fuller.

Sunday, 3:45pm-5:15pm

Making Resiliencies Visible: Public Art, Media & Activism
Sarah Stockholm & Josh Elliott- Art Forces
Learn how Art Forces engages communities in multi-media mural projects that support placemaking, political education and function as sites of cross-movement building for collective liberation from Palestine to Oakland to Olympia, WA. We hope to inspire new collaborations among cultural workers and community organizers from across movements.

Organizing Grassroots Media from a Latin@ Perspective
Miguel Robles and others from Biosafety Alliance
This facilitated panel will highlight several Latin@ organizers experiences working around grassroots media. Cultural differences such as language barriers and white privledge hinder many sucessfull projects in Latin@ communities.  Different strategies as to how to navigate these various issues of discrimination will be discussed.

Media Tools for Social Change
Adam Carpinelli, Tim Rice & Bruce Wilkinson- NW Alliance for Alternative Media & Education
This workshop focuses on several grassroots media strategies such as earned media, political remix video and discussing models of successful media cooperatives. The discussion will focus on the importance of building holistic multi-media models and furthering collaboration between media makers locally and globally.

Just Stories: Communicating Environmental Justice
University of Oregon, Environmental Leadership Program-
Aylie Baker, Emma Sloan, Hope Tejedas, Lauren Rapp
Students and faculty from the ELP worked with community partners to pilot a curricular model that explores possibilities for community engagement on the local environmental justice issue of pesticide drift through multimedia storytelling. We will describe the challenges of communicating an environmental justice issue and share best practices for community-centered documentary storytelling.