Ascending the flow for youth advocacy!

NAAME is proud to partner up with the Ascending Flow Youth Organization.

The goal of this new project is to make a difference in our youth’s lives by advocating for them in their personal and academic achievements. We serve by connecting them to resources in the community, guiding them in finding their talents and passions, supporting them with their ambitions, and providing a positive outlet of expression. Our team helps the youth in dealing with personal trauma or addictions to prepare them with becoming self-sufficient by developing essential life skills to evolve into future leaders.


Space is the place!

NAAME is stoked to partner up with the Social Justice Action Center (SJAC) in Portland Oregon (!

SJAC is run by and for grassroots organizations – especially those of people of color and marginalized communities – as a place to gather, organize, and build culture.  Through this work, these groups will also build relationships with each other and gain experience working across differences towards mutual understanding and solidarity.


Welcome new member from down under!

NAAME would like to welcome a new dynamic member to our advisory committee!

Originally from Tasmania, Australia, Lilia has been working in conservation non-profit communications and outreach since the early 2000’s. She has been involved with a number of different publishing projects, from radical street press news, to zine projects with current and former Political Prisoners, and green anarchist publications. More recently Lilia has been harnessing grant writing skills to help source funding for causes important to her heart – namely wolves and decarceration – and working as the Project Coordinator for Agency, an anarchist PR project. She lives in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon and is passionate about the power of alternative media to inspire people to fight for justice for each other, other animals, and the earth.



Making the W(orld)hirled of BEATs!

Whirled BEAT (Beats, Earth, Art & Theater) NW is a project promoting world music and culture focusing on events, workshops and performances that help to spread awareness about the rich diversity of the world’s music and culture.   Performances and workshops are the mainstay of this project featuring master musicians from West Africa and other parts of the world.


Check out our newest music projects!

NAAME has an interest in music as alternative media and education. That’s why we are happy to launch two projects in recent months that we have been working on for a long time. We also recently took on a fiscally sponsored project that is music oriented and fits right in. Together these three projects use music as a medium for different results in empowering people and communities.

Keys, Beats, Bars

About Us

Keys, Beats, Bars is a music program for incarcerated youth.

The project piloted under the name “Global Beats”  in 2016 at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon.  This project started with a partnership with Oregon Youth Authorities Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations as a result of the Global Perspectives curriculum.  This curriculum are considered Multicultural Educational Group Support Sessions (MEGSS).

Shvvvr Music Project

Shvvvr Music Project is the first solo project led by multi-instrumentalist Adam Carpinelli to be released in early 2018.

Official Website:

Twitter: @shvvvr
Instagram: @Shvvvr_Music

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast

QoLMB’s mission is to work with LGBT artists in the pursuit of their
passion by centralizing fundraising and partnering with organizations
to ease the challenges associated with production of albums,
marketing, touring, and video production.

Executive Director:
Stephen Sims
Quest of Life Media & Broadcast
An LGBT Media Services Group
Not Weird, Queer radio show
-Tabor Studios
Wild Planet Radio