Soil Not Oil Conference



Deforestation, erosion and industrial agriculture cause the decay of soils and in consequence, the release of carbon and other GHGs into the atmosphere. Non-sustainable management of soils through industrial agriculture causes over 30% of planetary carbon emissions. In fact, within industrialized nations up to 1/3 of the total global warming effects have been attributed to an unsustainable food production system. The 2016 Soil Not Oil International Conference links the fight to stop the extraction of fossil fuels while offering soil based solutions to decarbonize the atmosphere and mitigate climate change, exploring traditional, local, organic and sustainable practices of food production. We are committed to restore ecosystems, honoring nature and biodiversity.

The Soil Not Oil International Conference has been inspired in the work of Dr. Vandana Shiva and her book Soil Not Oil, Environmental Justice in an Age of Environmental Crisis

What can you expect?

Over 100 speakers, including, scientists, farmers, environmentalists, elected officials, grassroots organizers, food justice advocates and community members from all backgrounds. Last year 1000 people registered for this event, this year we are expecting more.

Plenaries/Workshops/Networking Sessions on

Agro-Ecology, Biodiversity, Climate Justice, Clean Energy, Community Organizing, Factory Farming, Food Sovereignty, Legislation, Life Cycles, Ocean Health, Public Health, Regenerative Agriculture, Rights of Mother Earth, Seed Freedom and more.