Media Tools for Change I: Making, Messaging & Movement Building

This interactive workshop delivers a birds eye overview of media for organizing from three perspectives and then swoops in on specific skillshares. The main sections will cover DIY media making, how to get the mainstream media to tell your story (earned media), and conceptualizing collaborative media. Each section discusses examples of media organizations doing positive work in these forms, as well as short skill shares on tangible skills that participants can use in their own personal and campaign work. This workshop is organized by the Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media Education (NAAME).

Tim Rice of B Media Collective, will present on do-it-yourself (DIY) media. He takes the broad look at what media is and the empowering of diverse media. He will give a short skillshare on how to make political mashup videos.

Bruce Wilkinson of Media Island International, will present on earned media. The art of making things irresistibly interesting and impossible to ignore for corporate media. Examples from recent campaign work and skill share.

Adam Carpinelli of Oregon Jericho, will join Bruce and Tim for conceptualizing collaborative media. They’ll explain examples from around the world and go into what is happening in the NW.