Foris Choir

Foris is a Portland area chamber choir established in 2018 to spotlight emerging local composers through beautiful concert performances and by creating a welcoming space for them to engage with one another and with experienced singers as they further develop their craft. Our goals include:

  • Creating a free, inclusive, and welcoming platform for emerging composers to hear their work publicly performed while building recognition and a portfolio
  • Creating a mutually supportive space for composers, conductors, and singers to develop their voice and skills
  • Broadening perception of who is and who can be a choral composer and engaging composers working across a variety of genres including those without formal and/or classical training
  • Fostering connections among diverse composers, singers, musicians, and activists, who share a passion for storytelling and social justice
  • Influencing programming among other choral ensembles to promote more inclusive musical selection and spotlight emerging local talent