Power to the Public!

Our mission: Democratic cooperative control of the commons is essential for a free society. We fight to take back the commons for the public. Our primary concern being private monopolies and the owning class that reaps the benefits at the expense of the public.

Goal: Grassroots community organizing that builds local groups, educates them on the issues, trains them in resistance and sustains a culture of empowering struggle in a difficult longterm fight that we are determined to win.

Key Projects:

Solar Power to the Public

Goal: Replace the investor owned utilities with community solar.

Strategy: Use the localized social networks of community spaces such as churches, community centers, nonprofits, parks, CSA farms and small community oriented businesses to raise the funding and volunteer resources to build community solar projects that create the seeds for other projects. Encourage barn raising style solar installation within those communities for private homes, with cooperative solar power equipment buys, and reciprocating community installation.

Tactic: Developing “Do it Together” community solar plans and promotional materials. Outreach to small groups to create community solar demonstration projects. Build on success.

Neighborhood Climate Watch

The project is comprised of two interconnected components: the Neighborhood Climate Watch and the Climate Crime Stoppers. Power to the Public’s educational and outreach program will solicit local community associations, groups, ad-hoc networks, businesses, nonprofits and community members to participate in the Neighborhood Climate Watch program similar to that of crime prevention neighborhood watch programs. Communities, neighborhoods, businesses, organizations, etc that participate in the program will be given signage to identify themselves as being involved in the program.

The second component is the Climate Crime Stoppers, which are both the educational component and what people will be charged with doing after signing up with the neighborhood watch program. In summary Power to the Public will educate these families and business owners on how to spot threats to our water and air, and how to be proactive to insure that climate change doesn’t adversely impact the community.

A major aspect of both these components is the public outreach and awareness and the role it will play in deterring impacts to our air and water. Climate Crime Stoppers (citizens and business that have signed up for the watch program) and the Neighborhood Climate Watch signage will serve as both a deterrent as well as an effective way for community members to catch environmental problems.

Contact: info@powertothepublic.org / 360-545-3267 @power2public